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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Telstra Vantage On Tour expo opens

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Telstra opening keynote

Discover how technology is helping business, communities, the economy and humanity thrive. Learn how Telstra is working to deliver on its strategy and what that means for you.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

John Ieraci

Chief Customer Officer, Telstra Enterprise

Adam Oliver

Head of Telstra Enterprise SA & NT

Morning tea in the expo


Akamai: Moving beyond perimeter security - zero trust does it really work?  

The "trust but verify" security model is no longer effective as new business models and processes move users, devices, applications and data beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter. The surge in new attack surfaces demands a new approach to security in the form of a zero trust model. Discover the four steps you need to take to start a zero trust journey and immediately improve defences. 

Focus: technical

Iain Scott

Enterprise Solutions Specialist, Akamai Technologies

Disruptive decision-making in digital transformations

Businesses are either disrupting markets and industries, or they’re being disrupted themselves. Discover better ways to shape your digital transformation journey by implementing key decision-making processes that will keep your business ahead of the curve. Hear insights from our customer panel based on their experience of transformational decision making.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

Tatham Oddie

Business and Technology Services Digital Executive, Telstra

Calibre One: The Modern Service Provider

Join this session for an overview of the modern MSP space, and the challenges faced by our clients and ourselves in a modern environment. We'll introduce the Calibre One approach, our four pillars of core capability, and how we use these to drive outcomes for our clients. The presentation will touch on the idea of being connected, cloud services, security and managed service support.

Focus: technical

Steve Wemyss

CEO & Managing Director, Calibre One

Networks for the future – innovation & investment

Explore how Telstra’s network, innovations and investment supports high performance enterprises today, and into the future.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

Mark Chapman

Executive, Connectivity and Networks, Telstra Enterprise

Lunch in the expo


Embracing IoT – turn data into decisions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses use data. The opportunities for improved customer experiences, cost savings and more streamlined processes are huge, but designing and implementing IoT projects can be complex. Get an insight into what you need to consider for successful IoT initiatives. And understand how connecting and monitoring the ‘things’ in your business will help you to make data driven decisions.

Focus: industry & government

Merrick Spain

Business Development Sales - Senior Specialist, IoT Business, Telstra Enterprise

Transforming your business with iOS and user-centred design

Hear about the power of iOS and user-centred design in developing applications. Be inspired by real-world success stories and learn how businesses are re-imagining the user experience and empowering employees to do their best work.

Focus: technical

Apple moderator


Insights from the Telstra Security Report 2019

Hear key insights from our extensive research on the global outlook for enterprise and government security. Discover the major challenges, budgets and security frameworks of your peers, as well as the latest recommendations for operating in the ever-evolving security landscape.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

Kate Healy

Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, Telstra Enterprise

Dustin Kehoe

APAC Head of ICT Research, Global Data

Security roundtable: exploring the Telstra Security Report 2019

In this intimate roundtable session, you’ll hear from Kate Healy (Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, Telstra Enterprise) and Dustin Kehoe (APAC Head of ICT Research, Global Data) as they discuss the findings from the Telstra Security Report 2019 and their implications for businesses in Australia and around the world.

Kate Healy

Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, Telstra Enterprise

Dustin Kehoe

APAC Head of ICT Research, Global Data

Cisco: Meraki – the platform of the future

IT can be a complex topic for all businesses, but by simplifying powerful technology, we can free passionate people to focus on their own mission. Discover how Meraki Cloud Management can help you to overcome new IT challenges. Learn about integrated mobility management, Layer 7 application shaping and much more.

Focus: technical

Christiane Volk

Product Sales Specialist - Commercial Victoria and South Australia, Cisco Meraki

Making sense of things: partnership for people and prosperity (a local government session)

Creating a successful future for communities and cities is complex, but achievable. In this twenty minute session for local government, find out how to deploy different capabilities across different locations. And how to weave them together to deliver a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Discover how Telstra is using human centred strategy and design, as well as data, analytics and technology solutions, to co-create a sustainable and vibrant future for all.

Jason Law

Sales Principal, Telstra Enterprise

Merrick Spain

Business Development Sales - Senior Specialist, IoT Business, Telstra Enterprise

The digital revolution that is transforming the workplace

The workplace is undergoing a digital transformation. Smart productivity tools and remote working have fuelled a complete rethink of how we fundamentally work. Learn how the latest tools and technologies can help you embrace a modern workplace. And find out how to harness them to help your teams collaborate effectively from any location, on any device.

Focus: technical

Konrad Niedzwiedz

Acquisition Sales - Senior Specialist, Telstra Enterprise

Where SD-WAN really matters & why

As digital transformation and widespread adoption of cloud applications take hold, having a robust and reliable networking solution is more critical than ever. Discover how to efficiently and securely prepare your network for tomorrow with SD-WAN. Learn from three common issues our customers face, and take away insights to support your business' cloud adoption.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

Matthew Wood

Group Architect & Managed Network Services Principal, Global Connectivity & Networks, Telstra Enterprise

Closing keynote: The real-life story from the “Lion” movie, and how technology helped Saroo find his way home

Saroo Brierley’s autobiography was turned into the 2016 Academy Award-nominated film Lion. Along with his adoptive mother Sue, Saroo will be telling his story about getting lost, being adopted and finding his family in India using technology.

Focus: business excellence (main stage)

Saroo & Sue Brierley

Inspirational keynote speakers

Networking function in the expo


Telstra Vantage On Tour closes